Uncategorized June 24, 2021

Why I decided to become a REALTOR.

I wanted to take the time today and just talk about my road to becoming a REALTOR.

Maybe it’s because we moved quite frequently when I was a child, or maybe I am just weird.  Since I was a child I was always fascinated with new homes, old homes, abandoned homes, aunts and uncles homes, really just any home that I walked into I was always the first one to want to see every inch of the house and it was almost like a race for me to be the first one to be able to see the whole house and be the first one to point out something cool about the house.

I have also learned over the years that nothing gives me more joy than helping others, whether I help the little kid in school getting picked on or I help the girl at work having a hard time dealing with her work load, helping is something that I realized just comes natural to me.  It makes my heart smile to know I helped someone’s day be better.

It then came as no surprise to me when the question of what to do with my future came up and I decided on Real Estate, combining two of my favorite past times into a career.  I have learned so much over the last two years, and have been able to help a few people start their journey towards homeownership, which have given me such joy in my life that I can not wait to help someone else and build a wonderful friendship in the process.

The journey has been a long one, working 2 jobs and going to school to become a Real Estate Agent.  Long days and nights studying, dealing with getting a test date during the COVID pandemic, finally getting my test date and then freaking out because “I don’t know enough, I didn’t study enough”.  Then on the first try, I will never forget the feeling of walking out of the test center and the lady at the front said “Congratulations, you passed!”  I couldn’t believe my ears, I was so excited and ready to jump right to work.

I truly do not think I could’ve done this without the support of my husband, who stayed up long nights with me and had to listen to my rantings and ravings and self doubt at least a 100 times.  I joined the best brokerage with an astonishing amount of support and training, that will help you be nothing but the best REALTOR you can be.  My road to making my dream a reality has been a long one, but well worth the time it took to get here.  Now I am more than well-versed to help my clients persevere through the journey of buying or selling their home and making their dreams come to fruition.